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Simplifying Your Move

Learn How The Cost Of An Air Freight Shipment Is Determined

by Miriam Peters

When you are planning to move overseas, you will need to figure out how to get your furniture to your new residence. Shipping the furniture in a crate on a barge will take a very long time and can be quite expensive. If you want to get the furniture to your home as soon as possible, consider shipping it by air freight.  When you ship items by air freight, the items will need to first be placed into a specific classification in order to establish if they can all ship together and how much the shipment will cost. Use the following guide to learn how the classification is determined.


Airplanes can only carry so much weight. The weight of the items that you plan to ship overseas needs to be taken into account to determine if the weight of the items is too much to ship on one plane. If the load is too heavy, the shipment will need to be split into two separate loads to ensure that the plane is able to fly safely from one place to another.


Fragile items often cost more to ship than durable items because of the handling that is involved in moving them. The movers will have to wrap fragile items and secure them differently than they do items that are more durable. You will have to pay more for the items to be shipped if they require more handling to take place.


When shipping items overseas, the end destination of the items can affect the overall cost you pay to have them shipped. If the items are being shipped to a dangerous part of the world, you will have to pay more for them to be shipped there because the crew will be taking a risk delivering the items to you.

Once the classification for the air freight has been determined, you will be able to get a quote for the overall cost of the shipment. The company will give you a specific date that movers will come to your home to pick up the freight for shipment. The furniture will need to be secured in a specific fashion and the company will walk you through the entire process to ensure that your items are as safe during the move as they can be. The cost and time frame for the shipment will be established well before the items are picked up for shipment. To learn more about shipping options, visit Meyers Transport Ltd