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Simplifying Your Move

Sizing Up Your Storage Unit: How To Choose The Right Size Unit

by Miriam Peters

It's definitely easy to decide that you need a storage unit - but figuring how how much storage to get can be a real challenge. Obviously, you can't determine the right size storage unit until you have at least a rough idea of exactly what you need to store. If you aren't able to get a general idea of how much square footage that you need, consider making a guesstimate based on the amount of rooms that you are moving. Below, you can read more about some of the different options that you may have for storage locker sizes.

The Smallest

The smallest of storage lockers are generally around the size of a very small closet, around 3' x 4'. This storage locker equals the type of closet where you'd store coats, but not the type of closet where you'd store a full wardrobe. It's less than half the size that a typical walk in closet would be. This might be the right size storage locker if you want to store items like:

  • A dresser
  • Two or three large boxes
  • A small to medium size cabinet

The Small

Small storage lockers, which usually measure around 3' x 8', are about the size of an average (non walk in) closet. This size of locker can work well if you need to store things like:

  • A twin size bed
  • Three or four large boxes
  • A small table

The Medium

Medium size storage lockers, which typically measure around 5' x 10', are around the size of a walk in closet. A storage locker of this size can be the perfect choice for items like:

  • Dining room set
  • A large sofa
  • Full or Queen size bed

The Large

A large storage locker is usually considered to be one that measures 10' x 10', or 10' x 15'. While it depends upon the amount of items you keep in your home, this size storage locker can generally hold everything you'd keep in a one bedroom apartment or home. If you pack carefully, you may also be able to fit extra items like appliances into a storage unit of this size as well.

The Larger

Larger storage units, usually considered to be those that measure around 10' x 20', are about as big as a spacious single car garage. A storage unit of this size will typically be able to house an entire two to three bedroom home. Careful packing may allow you enough room to include other contents as well. If you are looking for storage for a vehicle, this is typically the size of storage locker that would be best.

The Largest

If you need a considerable amount of storage space, you might want to look for a locker that equals about the space of a wide two car garage. Such storage units typically measure around 10' x 30'. This size storage locker should be big enough to hold everything that you'd have in a very large home. You should be able to pack the contents of at least a four bedroom home into this size storage locker.

If you just don't feel sure about what size of storage locker you need, talk to your local self storage facility. Give them a general list of what you'll be storing so they can help you find the perfect storage for your needs!