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Simplifying Your Move

How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Storage Unit

by Miriam Peters

Even if you're storing your items in a clean, enclosed storage space, your unit can still be prone to pest infestations. A variety of annoying and unsanitary pests, such as cockroaches, ants and mice, may start calling your storage unit home if you don't take a few simple precautions when moving your belongings in. You also need to be more pest-conscious during the summer months, or if you live in a year-round warm climate. 

Here are some ways to keep your storage space pest-free year-round:

1. Spend the extra money to get a climate-controlled storage unit. These units typically only cost a little more per month, but it will be worth it to keep the critters out. The humidity and temperature is controlled in the units, which will keep your space dry and moisture-free. This is important as insects and rodents may be hunting for water sources, especially during hot months.

2. Ask for a unit that isn't on the ground level, which could provide easy access for the pests. You don't want to risk having insects and rodents enter your storage space from a parking lot, where there are most likely dumpsters and garbage cans.

3. If you're storing any kitchen items, make sure they are completely clean before packing them away. Take time to thoroughly wash pots, pans, dishes, cups and other items with dishwashing soap, and allow them to completely dry, before boxing them up. Even tiny food crumbs can entice pests into your unit.

Also, always store any food items, such as spices, pasta boxes and baking mixes, in air-tight plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes.

4. If there is a chance that your home or apartment has any kind of pest infestation, don't move any of the critters or their eggs into the storage space. To avoid doing this, pack your items in air-tight plastic containers at least three days before moving them into the storage unit. Check for any signs of dead pests and remove them from the containers before moving them out.

5. Be proactive by filling your storage unit with scents that repel pests before a problem even starts. For instance, if you are storing clothing and other cloth items, lavender is a natural and better-smelling alternative to moth balls. You can place a few dried lavender sachets around your unit as protection.

Cedar blocks will help repel rodents, while dried bay leaf sachets will keep cockroaches away. 

When looking for a storage unit at a company like Target Storage, ask if they have climate controlled, above-ground units as these are less likely to see pest infestations.