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Simplifying Your Move

How to Keep Your Storage Containter from Getting Wet

by Miriam Peters

If you own a storage locker with valuable items, then you want to protect your assets from potential water damage. Water can flood inside the unit when it rains or when the snow outside melts. Here is a simple step-by-step set of instruction on how to protect your storage container from potential water damage.

Stack Everything on Skids

Putting all the items you have inside your storage locker up off the ground will prevent them from getting wet. Wooden kids or pallets are a great way to keep them a few inches away from any potential water and they don't cost a lot of money. You can pile the items on top of the wooden skids, but don't stack them higher than three items high as there is the potential for everything to tip over.

Package Everything in Rubber Bins

Packaging your items inside of a rubber container will ensure that even if water does come into contact with the contents that the rubber is the only thing that gets wet. Rubber containers are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most retail locations for just a few dollars. Make sure that you buy rubber bins that have a lid and that can be stacked on top of one another to keep things neat and tidy inside the unit. When packaging each bin, group together items that are similar in nature and then label the side of each bin with a sticker that indicates what the contents are inside the bin.

Install a Weather Stop

A weather stop is a long piece of rubber that gets installed just under the door of the storage unit to form a weather tight seal. The weather stop prevents water, leaves and debris from entering the inside of the unit and can be an invaluable tool when the weather warms up and melts the snow. The weather strip will have an adhesive sticker on one side of the strip that can be applied to concrete and removed without causing any damage. Simply remove the strips of paper over top of the adhesive and then stick the weather stop into position underneath the storage locker door. Make sure that the door can still close properly with the weather stop in place before sticking it into place.

Following the tips outlined above should keep your contents from getting wet, but check with your local storage vendor, one like Centre Avenue Self-Storage, to see what they suggest for protecting your contents from water.