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Simplifying Your Move

Preppers: Get Ready For The End With These Storage Unit Tips

by Miriam Peters

Not every prepper has a castle or even a homestead to guard. Luckily, just because you live in a small house or an apartment doesn't mean you can't effectively prep. However, you may need a storage unit to help.

Before renting a storage unit and filling it to the brim with your apocalyptic gear, consider the following four tips and ideas:

1. Consider the security of the storage facility

Whether you are a prepper or not, you should always pay close attention to the security of a storage facility before renting a unit. Ideally, you want a fence around the property and on-site surveillance. However, if you are a prepper, you want to know what happens to the locks if the electricity goes out – will everything be open or will the locks default to locked?

You want a facility you can access regardless of whether or not it has power, but you also want a mechanical lock (like a padlock) on your individual unit so only you (or whoever else has a key) can access that.

2. Think about the storage facility's distance from your home

If you need to reach your stored items in an emergency, you need them to be in a place you can reach quickly. Think about this from every angle. You want a storage locker you can reach by car quickly, but in case the roads are blocked, you need a facility that be be reached by hiking.

3. Balance your bug out gear at home and in the storage locker

Some storage facilities are set up to store cars, and if you have a BOV (bug-out vehicle) but no room to store it at your home, you can store that at your storage locker. In the interest of expediency, have your BOV loaded with your weapons, food and survival gear.

However, remember that you can't predict everything when it comes to an apocalyptic emergency. Have a bug-out bag at your home. You don't want everything tied up in your storage locker. Make sure you at least have a small bags of survival essentials at home, in your work cubicle or in your car for emergency getaways.

4. Remember you may need to rotate food or water

If you have your stockpile of water and food at your home, it is easy to remember to tend to it. However, even if your food and water is out of sight in a storage facility, you cannot forget about it. Remember to schedule periodic trips to the storage locker to check on your canned goods and water.

When canned goods are about to expire, eat them and replace them with new cans of food. Water needs to be replaced about every six months.

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