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Simplifying Your Move

Tips For Moving An Elderly Family Member Across The Country

by Miriam Peters

If you have been tasked to help an elderly parent or loved one move across the country, there are many factors to figure in. Practical and emotional needs must both be considered. Here are four things that you can do to make a move across the country easier for your elderly family member.

1. Work with Professional Movers

This might be the type of move where DIY isn't the best option. You don't want your elderly parent thinking they need to do heavy lifting. Leave moving in the hands of professionals so that no one will get hurt during the process. If your elderly family member is moving a far distance, renting a truck and moving yourself might be about the same cost as hiring professional movers anyways.

2. Be There the Day of the Big Move

If everything is organized and ready to go, you might think you don't need to be there when the movers show up. Don't expect movers to be able to communicate and understand everything that is needed the day of. To make sure that your elderly parent doesn't become disoriented or upset, you need to be there to call the shots. Enlist a family member to also be on the other end of the move so that you can facilitate with movers from beginning to end.

3. Plan for Downsizing

If your elderly family member is moving into a smaller space, such as an assisted living environment or into your home, they might not be able to bring all of their belongings. It can be difficult for them to part with a large item, such as couch or piano, but if there isn't space on the other end, this needs to be dealt with. Be sure to bring photos and floor plans of their new home so that your relative can visualize themselves in a new smaller space and plan accordingly.

4. Accommodate for Packing Time

Rushing a parent through the packing process can be insensitive, especially if they have lived in the same place for years. You might think that throwing things out and getting everything packed up quickly is the easiest option, but you need to respect your family member's history and memories. Make sure to work with them and move at their speed if they want to reminisce along the way.

A long-distance move for a parent or elderly family member can be a tiring, emotional process. Make sure that you have the moving handled by professionals, like Right Move Moving & Storage commercial movers, so you have more time to be there for your family member coming to grips with a change in their environment.