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Simplifying Your Move

How To Help Your Kids Get Ready For The Movers

by Miriam Peters

As one of the 4 million people who move each year in Canada, you've decided to hire movers to help you get your household goods from your old house to your new one. Professional movers should help your family to alleviate some of the stress that comes with packing and lugging boxes around.

You already are getting prepared for the big day. But what do you need to do to help your children get ready?

Have a Decluttering Day -- or Days

Even young children can understand the concept of giving away things that they don't want or use anymore. You, the adult, know that it's best to minimize the items that are moved, and not to keep things around that aren't beneficial. But kids of all ages can have trouble parting with their possessions, no matter how little used they may be. Here are some tips for sorting the things that go and the things that don't:

  • Spread the work over several days so it's not so intimidating.
  • Turn on upbeat music and have your kids dance as they clean.
  • Plan a special dinner (pizza night, anyone?) or activity for after cleaning.
  • Make a rule that anything broken or with missing parts gets thrown away.
  • Put aside any clothing that is too small or needs mending. Donate what's still usable and toss anything with holes.
  • Divide toys into categories (action figures, board games, building blocks, etc.) and get rid of the least liked or used items in each category.
  • Ask each child to come up with 25 things that could be sold at a garage sale or donated to a child in need. Reward your child with one desired new toy after moving to the new location.

Pack a Special Box

Before the movers come, have your child pack  most special and important items to him or her in one box. This box should either go with you or should be specially labeled and one of the last things into the moving van or container. That way it can be taken out first and is less likely to get lost in a sea of boxes at your destination.

All other kids' things should be labeled clearly. When you work with professional movers, they will label each box and then take it to the corresponding room in the new location. This can ensure your child has his or her belongings in short order and you're not left with a bored child as you try to organize the move.

Plan a Special Activity While the Movers are Packing

Kids underfoot aren't going to be helpful for anyone during the most active part of the packing process. Enlist a neighbor or friend to take the children for a couple of hours or have one parent take them on a special outing, perhaps to a place they won't be able to go often after the move.

Children can be a challenge during a move, but hiring professional movers should make your work easier. Make sure to explain to your children what the process will be like and what to expect as items are packed from the old location and moved to the new. For more help moving, contact Wiebe'S Moving & Storage.