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Simplifying Your Move

3 Items You Should Consider Moving On Your Own

by Miriam Peters

Moving can be a very exciting time of life. Many people look forward to the new adventures ahead, but may be sad to leave behind old loved ones and the amount of work moving is. If you are anticipating an upcoming move, hiring a moving company will be the best way to simplify your move. They will pack and transport everything for you so that you don't have to do it yourself. However, if you do hire a moving company, there are a couple things that you should choose to move yourself. Here are a couple things you should move on your own.

1. Guns and Ammunition

If you own gums and ammunition it is probably better than you handle them on your own. In some areas of the country you need a permit or a license to carry a gun. This means that you might be putting the movers in danger by having them transport your weapons. In addition, they might not know how to properly care for them, thus endangering themselves and those around them.

If you are driving cross-country then you should carry the weapons in your car. If you cannot keep the guns and ammo on your person, you should put them in a locked safe that only you can access before the movers transport them.

2. Sensitive Files and Documents

Most people have sensitive documents in their home. Birth certificates, bank statements, social security cards, credit cards and anything else that contains sensitive information should be kept on your person. This is for a couple reasons.

First, even though you may trust the movers, there is no guarantee that the belongings will not be vandalized while being transported. There are people who specifically target moving trucks and could steal your sensitive information.

Second, you may need these documents when you get to your new home to register kids for school, enroll at your new job, or anything else. If the truck happens to be delayed you could be in trouble.

3. Priceless Heirlooms

Although the moving company will do everything that they can to protect your items, accidents happen. The movers will replace any damaged or stolen property, but if you have priceless heirlooms that cannot be replaced, you should keep them with you. The movers will appreciate the fact that you protected the things that are most precious to you.

Although movers do a fantastic job of moving your belongings, it will be better for everyone if you transport these 3 items on your own.