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Simplifying Your Move

When was the last time you moved? Did you enjoy the process? If you are like most people, you might dread the never-ending packing, the stress of getting everything where it needs to go in one piece, and the trouble involved with setting up new utilities. However, you don't have to let a tricky move ruin your life. By working with the right moving and storage company, you can streamline things and enjoy yourself. I want to teach you what you need to know to complete your relocation easily. On my blog, you will find information about everything from moving to storage.

Simplifying Your Move

Small Steps You Can Take To Make Your Moving Company's Job Easier

by Miriam Peters

If you intend on moving to a new home soon, preparations will need to be made in packing your items for a haul to their destination. When you are in the process of packing your belongings and awaiting the moving truck to arrive at your house, it is a good idea to keep the moving company's workers in mind. Here are some steps you can take to make the jobs of the moving service workers a little easier when they move items out of your home and onto a truck.

Keep Weight In Mind When Packing Items

As you package items for a move, it is important to consider the weight of the contents of boxes so that they are not too heavy for moving workers lift easily. Instead of placing a lot of heavier items inside a large box, it is a better idea to use small boxes for just a few heavy items. Large boxes should only have light items inside. This way, workers will not need to struggle with both weight and an awkwardly large box at the same time, possibly leading to an injury as a result. Make sure to label boxes with the words "heavy item" or the name of the item itself so workers prepare with the proper stance when bending down to pick up the packages.

Eliminate Items From The Middles Of Rooms

To make it easier for workers to navigate the rooms in your home, consider stacking boxes of belongings you want to go on a moving truck along the perimeter walls. This will allow workers to tackle the larger furniture pieces in the middle of the room first. They will then be able to come back for the smaller items without worrying about tripping over items in the process. They also have the advantage in readjusting heavier boxes in the middle part of the room if necessary.

Keep People And Pets Away From The Work Being Done

Do not get in the way of the moving workers as they move in and out of your home to gather your belongings. It is a good idea to give instructions before they begin and then excuse yourself to one room in the home where they can be asked to notify you if they need assistance in any way. Keep pets and small children in an area in the home where they will not be underfoot as well. Someone will need to monitor kids and pets so there is no risk of them getting out of the home if the moving service decides to prop open a door during the moving process.

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